Timetable for this weekend 3rd & 4th of July

Only change is High Jump compared to orginally, Junior & Senior Men @ 10am and All Women @ 2pm

Also called out on the timetable is the 'In Time' which is the time you will be let into the Venu, we ask that all athletes are in the venue 40minutes ahead of their event. 


Covid-19 Guidance for Athletes


Covid Form


Live Results / Entries Page

If you're in the wrong age group event for the Track we will fix this on the day.
If you're in the wrong age group event for the Field could you please let me know on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Location IT Carlow South Sports Campus:

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Shoe Rule 5:

As you're probably aware, World Athletics brought in a Shoe Rule for Track & Field Events.
This applies to All National & Leinster Events.
Shoes for races upto 800m can have a sole thickness can be upto 20mm
For Races for 800m and upwards the sole thickness can be upto 25mm.
More information about the shoe rule can be found here:
The latest World Athletics Shoe Compliance list can be found here:
Please review to see if the shoes you plan to run in are compliant, if shown as non compliant please wear different shoes.
If shoes are not listed please ensure their thickness is under 25mm for Mid Distance races.
Athletes found to be in breach of this rule will be DQ.